On energy, health, and happiness

I started seriously changing my diet and switching up my workouts about 3-4 months ago. Courtney Millen was also a HUGE help as my dietitian. It’s a combination of a lot of things, and it hasn’t always been easy, but it is worth it! I feel so much stronger, healthier and happier :)
— K.C.
I didn’t know what to expect, but I’m very happy with my results and even more so to be on the right track with meals and food choices. I don’t just feel better from the weight loss, but more energized and focused as a whole. I’m so excited to keep this all up!
— C.D.
I’m feeling a lot better - much more motivated, and little less like I got shot with a tranquilizer when my alarm goes off in the morning. I’m down about 7 pounds, and am just starting to see a difference in the way my clothes fit. I think the biggest thing I learned is that for me, it’s ok to eat a kiddie scoop of real ice cream or a glass of wine once a week, but I cannot have a double cheeseburger with fries and a banana split or the whole bottle of wine. Thanks for all your tips, Courtney!
— M.P.
I couldn’t be happier! Feeling great and definitely see an overall difference in my body.
— K.W.
If anyone is on the fence.. Go for it!!! It’s something you won’t regret and will learn so much from!
— M.M.
Altogether, I’m down 21.5” and 23 lbs! I am SO happy with my results and EVERYONE is noticing! It feels great. I love buying new clothes in sizes I’m proud of!
— M.M.
In just a few weeks, I really secured my new eating habits. I definitely still have cravings for unhealthy food, but my willpower is quite strong and with the tips from Courtney, I think I can keep losing weight, toning and feeling better! I truly believe I lost weight by eating properly.
— C.P.

On Prenatal and postpartum nutrition

With Courtney’s coaching and guidance, I’m down to my pre-pregnancy weight 2 months after having my baby! Much better than my first pregnancy where it took me about 9 months to lose!
— K.M.
I lost 48 lbs since starting with Courtney, which is a crazy number (I used a calculator because it didn’t seem right). I was 9 months pregnant when we started, so a few of those pounds came off easily, but the great thing is I’m now 10 pounds less than what I was when I got pregnant!! Never thought possible while still eating this much and not feeling hungry!
— E.L.
After a few months, I’m down 22 lbs and can’t even count the inches. I feel amazing and the photo results are just unbelievable to me. I never dreamed I’d actually be at this point in only 3-4 months! I feel like myself again. I used to have every excuse in the book and I see now there were simply excuses to be lazy. I know now I can be great at my job, a great (single) mom, I can eat clean and be physically strong and fit! So what if my clothes aren’t always folded & put away.
— J.H.